The Dieringer Education Foundation (DEF), in association with the Dieringer School District, is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Veterans Day Essay Contest. This year marked the 50th in the program’s historic run, but with student’s working from home due to COVID 19, contest organizers faced a unique challenge. It wasn’t possible to offer a speech contest in our traditional manner with an evening program that includes the presentation of the colors by Boy Scout Troop 501, patriotic music provided by the NTMS band and choir and, of course speeches. Seeking to find a viable alternative, the program’s sponsor, the DEF, chose instead to offer an essay contest.

All middle school students were encouraged to write 300-word essays from one of the three topics below: 

“Is This the Country the Founders we decided to offer Envisioned?”

“What Does Patriotism Mean to Me?”

“Why Do We Still Fight Wars, and How Can We End the Fighting?”

Foundation members Terry Steiner, Lorrie Nelly and Pat Keaton served as judges, and winners will now be announced for first, second and third place finishers.   Thanks to all students who chose to recognize the impact veterans have had on our nation.  While this year we found a way to continue a wonderful tradition through an essay contest, next year we hope to return to our regular public speaking format.,.

The following students participated in this year’s contest:

6th Grade – Olivia B., Grady H., Kenna H., Happiness M., Jackson M., Aeden P., Alex S., Dane T., Elle T., Makenna V., Charlie W., Viktoria Y.

7th Grade – Riley A., Cooper C., Ella D., Maggie J., Maria K., Tanner L., Braylen M., Shannon 0., Ranbir O., Addison P., Giovanni R., Kaitlyn S., Kaden W.

8th Grade – Naomi B., Gavin D., Zoe F., Charlie H., Kaylee H., Lily J., Austin M., Aaron M., Kaya M., Owen W., Liliia Y., Zach Z., Jaxon Z.

Congratulations to these students who will be awarded $100 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place by the DEF.  We are also pleased to share with you the winning speeches for each grade level. 

6th Grade

1st Place Olivia B. (click here to read essay) 2nd Place Makenna V. 3rd Place Elle T.

7th Grade

1st Place Maggie J. (click here to read essay) 2nd Place Shannon O. 3rd Place Braylen M.

8th Grade

1st Place Kaylee H. (click here to read essay) 2nd Place Lily J. 3rd Place Kaya M.