Jen Hall Irwin

Jen is a proud Dieringer alumni! She had no choice but to love the Dieringer
community because her mom, aunts, uncles and family friends are all passionate
alumni as well. Additionally, her grandfather, Stan Baber was a regular volunteer
in the district and extremely involved in the math and science programs. Some of
her favorite memories and best friends came from the time she was in the
Dieringer school district. 
Jen Irwin is a Central Washington University graduate and is currently working for
King County as a Senior Human Resources Analyst. Prior to that, she worked at
the Kent School District as a Recruiter.  Some of her other fun jobs include a
volleyball coach, catering manager, travel agent, program coordinator at Green
River College, and an internship at the “happiest place on earth”, Disney
World. When she is not working, she enjoys camping, hiking, cooking, Orange
Theory, traveling, playing with her pug and hanging out with her husband. She
LOVES sports and is very passionate about her teams, the; Mariners, Cougs, and
As a more recent Dieringer graduate, Jen has provided the DEF with great ideas to
connect with younger alumni. She has also used her skills and training to offer a
fresh approach to Foundation projects. She is a valuable team member with great
enthusiasm and energy.