Molly Billings Keaton

Molly grew up on the Palouse in Colfax before moving with her parents to
Puyallup in 1967. Graduating from Puyallup High School in 1970, Molly chose
Western Washington University as the place to continue her studies and
graduated in 1974 with a BA in Education. Along the way, she met and later
married a curly, long-haired fellow who she eventually straightened out enough
to marry.
Molly’s teaching career ended where it began, at Lake Tapps Elementary School
following 35 years of service. Pat likes to remind Molly that she actually started
her career at Dieringer Middle School in 1977 when she was hired at the start of
the second semester to assist with overcrowded classrooms.
Molly is a founding member of the Dieringer Education Foundation, and while her
husband is reaching for the microphone and the credit, she is happy in the
background getting things done. Molly loved her career in teaching, but she was
more than ready to embrace her next role, grandmother for two-year-old, Parker.
Molly and Pat are the proud parents of two former Bulldogs, Kilty and Connor,
and Connor’s wife, Lindsey completed her student teaching at North Tapps under
Erica Sage. Kilty and her significant other, Chuck, are both teachers in the
Seattle School District, so the teaching bloodline runs strong in this family.
Molly enjoys crafting, golfing and any project that allows her to use her creative
mind, especially those projects that support the students and staff of the
Dieringer School District.