Robert Corliss

Robert is a founding member of the Dieringer Education Foundation and its
current President. He was raised in the Dieringer district and learned his
sense of community involvement from his father, Dr. Joe Corliss, who was a
long-term school board member. Both of Robert’s children are Dieringer
products, as well.
After Dieringer, Robert graduated from Auburn High in 1984. He attended
both the University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University majoring
in Finance. Robert also studied abroad at the London School of Economics.
Then came time to head to the Midwest and study medicine at the Medical
College of Wisconsin (Marquette), always remembering Mrs. Muir’s science
classes and her timeless advice, “ 75% of what you learn is what you
reinforce.” In his practice, he continues to employ almost on a continuous
basis the typing skills he learned from Mr. Keaton. Robert has practiced
internal medicine in the area since 1995.
Robert’s experiences as a student and parent in our district provide him
with a unique perspective from which to view our District’s strengths and
assets. He has used this perspective to lead our team effectively and to
keep us focused on achieving our goals.